What is Sexual Grounding Therapy®?

Sexual Grounding® is a therapeutic method that treats sexuality like you've never experienced it before: directly and in a completely natural way. Through Sexual Grounding Therapy® you will learn how to rediscover your original innocence, curiosity and excitement, and how to live in stable intimate relationships.
Sexual Grounding Therapy® is an effective form of psychological self-development rooted in experiential body-psychotherapy in a group format. It was developed in the early 1990s by Willem Poppeliers, a Dutch developmental psychologist and body-psychotherapist. Sexual Grounding Therapy® is based on Poppeliers' pragmatic theory, and is an innovative approach to systemic, body-oriented depth psychology and sexual therapy. It offers a missing piece to many psychotherapeutic methods, since it deals in a clear, direct and pure way with all the delicate issues around sexuality and relationships.

What is different about Sexual Grounding Therapy®?

Sexual Grounding Therapy® follows Freud in considering the primal life force to be sexual, but goes beyond his original pioneering work by charting precisely how sexual energy unfolds during a person's lifetime. In particular, it provides a framework for realising how being born into the world of one's parents’ relationship (known in Sexual Grounding Therapy® as 'The Triangle') and cultural context can impede the proper flow of this energy. Sexual Grounding Therapy® offers a way to regain healthy sexual functioning, based on a model of psychosexual development and maturation, spanning the whole of an individual's life, from birth to death.
The profound experiences gained during the SGT® Program can inspire many other areas of personal and professional life: collaboration between men and woman in organisations and families, education and pedagogy, support and education in parenting, further adult education programs etc.

Sexually Alive

Being sexually alive has little to do with the right body shape, or the right partner. It is about our self-concept, self-embodiment, our attitude to life, and our ability to go beyond internal messages instilled by the image-makers of the past, our ability to be guided by the heart. It is about reclaiming the Natural Self, for ourselves and our descendents.
Sexual Grounding® is wholeheartedly committed to this goal.