Living in the Lines

When the individual gets the chance to grow up with parents who manage to give appropriate, bodily mirroring at every stage of her life cycle, this has a profound effect on the generations to follow. Apart from having a model of healthy, fulfilling sexuality, the person carries within her, on a cellular level, the sense of what it is like to have parents who support and positively welcome the fact, that we are sexual, genital beings.
This knowledge enables us to go into relationships freely and reproduce in the secure feeling of having the support of previous generations to build sustainable family structures, based on the innocent, curious wonderment on life itself, propelled by the excitement of this discovery and regulated through the cellular knowledge of the deep truth of this realization.

Reconnecting to the ancestoral lines

Sexual Grounding Therapy® not only gives us a deep understanding of ourselves within our parental triangle but enriches our understanding by connecting us to our ancestoral lines. This is a deeply satisfying and, most of all, highly empowering connection for every human being.