Working in a Group

Sexual Grounding Therapy® is practised exclusively in group format.

Throughout the SGT Program the child (client) re-educates herself on a bodily level to sustain the natural curiosity arising from the genital/sexual energy, by honouring her innocence. The ‘parents’ (Role played by other participants) help the child in the Oedipal triangle first by regulating the resulting excitement. In the later developmental stages the regulation by the parents transforms into internalized self-regulation.

This is done in a group context, using techniques reaching from psycho drama, body therapies, Gestalt therapy and more, adapted into specific and very precise SGT structure, developed by Willem Poppeliers. Thus the client incorporates an experience of having had ideal parents to guide her from childhood, puberty and adolescence through maturation right up to dying as a sexual woman (or man).

The resulting, self regulated, sexually non-dependent adult is therefore freed to move from our prevalent co-dependent, over stimulated, egocentric sexuality to a fulfilled, relational love life. It generates a deep understanding of the participant's own gender identity and that of their partner.

This also is an invaluable help for parenting, as it heightens the awareness of children's innocence, excitement, curiosity and healthy regulatory mechanisms at each developmental stage, giving parents a road map of a sexual education that allows the child to develop into a free sexual being with a clear sense of boundaries and identity.

Where do the Groups take place ?

SGT® is organised in groups that form for the duration of one Program Module (Basic or Advanced).
Depending on location and demand these groups are either organised on a national level, with all participants speaking the same language, or on an international level. In this case we use translation to facilitate the groups.
If you are interested in SGT® and want to find out where you could take part in the program please contact us, or one of our therapists or trainers.