Notburga Fischer

Sexual Grounding® Therapist and Trainer

born in 1961
married to Robert Fischer, together they have two children and live near Bern

She has been running her own practice for Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy and Sexual Therapy since 1989. Educated and trained in methods of Humanistic Psychology (IBP-Integrative Body Psychotherapy and others) she works as IBP teaching coach (“Lehrtherapeutin”) and supervisor;
as a cert. Sexual Grounding® therapist and trainer of the first generation she has been teaching in several Int.SGT trainings.

Together with Robert Fischer she runs the ManWoman Institute. They have been leading trainings for women, men and couples in Western Europe, Russia and the USA for more than 20 years. As faculty members of the IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy) institute, they are leaders of the further education program in sexual therapy and sexual counseling for professionals. They also create and lead rituals of life transitions.

"Contributing to a better relation between men and women and the generations so that the children of the future may benefit is a fulfilling task in my life."